Cute-as-a-Button Heart Art

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Here’s an easy craft project that I came up with for a Valentine’s Day home decoration. It involves a lot of buttons, hence the title for this posting (speaking of which, try to say the title three times fast – betcha can’t!).

So begin squirreling away buttons now and you should have enough saved to make this project in time for V-Day 2014. Or if you shop as often as me and my sisters, you should have enough by next week.

For my cute-as-a-button wall art, you’ll need:
At least 4 dozen buttons (they should be various shades of 1 or 2 colors)
8×10 frame (color should complement the buttons)
1/4 yard of fabric (color should complement the buttons)

First, sketch a heart on the fabric. Make sure the heart will fit within the 8×10 frame.


Then sew the buttons onto the fabric, filling in the heart shape. For an easier version of this project, you can skip sewing and simply use a hot glue gun to attach the buttons to the fabric. I totally would have done this because, as you all know, I love a shortcut. But I unfortunately misplaced my hot glue gun. Lucky me.

I had a cream-colored frame, so I used buttons in shades of beige, cream, and brown with a couple of pink accent buttons. Since I made it as a Valentine’s Day decoration, I figured that the background fabric should be red (the color of love, right?). But you could use any color combinations.

After the heart shape is entirely filled with buttons, fit the piece of fabric into the frame. Make sure to center the button heart in the middle. I think it’s easiest to attach the fabric to an 8×10 piece of cardboard and then put it into the frame.

And there you have it…all done! Just hang it on the wall and admire your work. Simply stunning, right? And it’s the perfect solution for using up all those random buttons. Recycling at it’s best.

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