Crawling Forward to Month Number 9!

My goodness, time is flying! I’m actually a bit sad to be posting about Owen’s 9-month birthday. Before I know it, he’s going to be a resentful teenager who only cares about video games. Sigh. I wish he would be my little chubby baby forever. Sadly, that will be coming to an end soon…I just read that babies begin slimming down around 9 months. I will miss his tubby belly and chunky thighs.

Not to mention, his first birthday is less than 3 months away. Yikes – I have a LOT of party planning to do.

This past month had some major milestones for our nugget.

He eats Cheerios!

He can stand!

He can crawl!

Yes, that’s right. Owen is moving around on his hands and knees and getting into anything and everything. This, of course, means no rest for Mommy and Daddy. Especially since Owen is like the Energizer Bunny and can keep going and going with no signs of needing a nap. Yippee.

Owen has two obsessions lately: 1) Biting and 2) Standing.

Is it normal to be afraid to get near your baby? Those teeth are sharp! And Owen is relentless. He’ll bite my shoulder and I’ll yelp and push him away, sternly saying “NO.” His reaction? He laughs like a little vampire child, shows no mercy, and then tries to attack me with his teeth again.

To Owen, every object, living or otherwise, exists solely for him to use as a standing device. He tugs on my legs, he pulls on Walter, he steps on top of his toys. Forget about crawling; this boy wants to walk. And he’s getting there…he can stand on his own without support for a short bit and he can walk around the coffee table while holding onto the edge.

Owen has also started to show the first glimmers of temper tantrums. Oh joy.

He gets angry when you take away something he wants to play with, like electrical cords and remote controls. Or if you try to distract him with a toy, he grabs it and throws it violently aside, pissed that you would even try to fool him into playing when he wants to eat.

The little sourpuss definitely inherited my use of dirty looks.

On a happier note, Owen has finally started saying Mom-ma and Dah-da! I realize that he has no idea what he’s saying, but I’m just going to pretend he’s referring to his mom and dad. I know that soon enough I’m going to be sick of hearing Mom-ma over and over again, so I’m going to enjoy the novelty of it for now.









And here are Owen’s April-themed photos for his 9-month birthday. April showers = super cute baby in a raincoat.





Almost every photo is a blooper now that Owen can’t sit still. Here’s a sampling:


I can’t even describe this expression. And what is up with the straddle? With that flexibility. maybe Owen will be in Cirque du Soleil one day?

Owen really didn’t want to share his seat with Teddy Bear.


But they did take some time to study the number 9 together.

“What do you mean I’m 9 months old? I’m only 6!”

How do you catch a wave upon the sand? Or how do you keep Owen on his blanket?


Drunk baby in the rain.

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