Super Ice Cream Crunch Birthday Cake

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love ice cream (see my blog name). Lucky for me, I married a man who also loves ice cream. So it was an easy decision to make an ice cream cake for Richard’s birthday this year. Hot weather, cold ice cream, and a birthday – it’s a no-brainer, right?

Ice cream cakes are actually very easy to make, especially the way I make them. And no ice cream cake is complete without the chocolate crunchies layer, so this one has some crunchy goodness in the middle.

Here’s what you need to “bake” one:
Ice cream, two 1.5 quart containers (any flavors)
Chocolate animal crackers, about 10 oz.
Chocolate fudge magic shell, 1 bottle
Whipped dessert topping, 1 container (Cool Whip)
Prepared creamy vanilla frosting, 1 container

You’ll also need a 9 inch springform pan.

First, take one container of ice cream out of the freezer to soften for about 10 minutes at room temperature. I used two flavors of ice cream for this cake: peanut butter chocolate swirl ice cream and classic vanilla.

While the ice cream softens, put the animal crackers into a food processor and make coarse crumbs.
cake crunchies

You should have about 2 ½ to 3 cups of crumbs. Mix the crumbs with the magic shell chocolate sauce.



Spread the softened ice cream into the bottom of the springform pan.
ice cream
ice cream cake

Gently spread the chocolate crumb mixture on top of the ice cream layer. Then put the pan in the freezer for at least 45 minutes.


Thaw the Cool Whip at room temperature. Use a mixer to whip the prepared frosting, until it’s light and fluffy.


Then fold in the thawed Cool Whip. I added a little blue food coloring to make it pretty. Store this mixture in the fridge until the ice cream cake is ready to be frosted.

Take the second container of ice cream out of the freezer and soften at room temperature.

Once it’s softened, spread it on top of the chocolate crunch layer in the springform pan. Then put the pan back in the freezer for at least another 45 minutes.


When the cake is firmly frozen, take the pan out of the freezer, unlatch it, and remove the side.

Spread the frosting mixture over the entire cake. Work quickly before the ice cream begins to melt.


Store in the freezer until you’re ready to sing Happy Birthday and serve the cake!

After enjoying a sweet slice of this treat, we continued to celebrate Richard’s birthday with a trip to Philadelphia’s Comic Book Convention. Our super family got all dressed up in our super hero best for the occasion. I would only wear bright blue tights in public for one person – my super hubby. Happy Birthday, Richard!


PS – Did you notice Walter bears a striking resemblance to Krypto the Superdog?

ice cream sig
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