Owen’s New Space: Inspiration for a Little Boy’s Bedroom

Can you believe that just about two years ago I wrote about my ideas for my future baby’s nursery? Well, here I am…pregnant again and ready to decorate another room for a little one!

Except this time we’re not decorating and furnishing a nursery. Baby Kopp #2 is getting a hand-me-down as soon as it is born – Owen’s nursery. It’s a second child so it should get used to secondhand right from the start. And I really don’t feel like working on another nursery. I put all of my energy and ideas into Owen’s. I’ve got nothing left for this one. Moreover, Baby Kopp #2 (like Baby Kopp #1) will be a surprise. We know Owen’s a boy so I’d like to take the chance to design a non-neutral room for a known gender. Knowing Owen’s personality and gender, it’s easy to find inspiration for his “grown-up” toddler bedroom.

When I imagine a space befitting Little O, I think bold and busy. When I imagine Owen as a color, I think orange or red (since the meaning of the color red = energy, action, strong will). I don’t want his new room to be like his nursery, which already has some orange. Thus, his room is going to have lots of pops of red to show his playful and energetic side, but with some blues and grays that he won’t outgrow. (And blue is kind of necessary in a boy’s room. Plus I might have a personal preference for the color blue.)

One thing about his new room will be like his current nursery – it will be themeless. Owen likes so many things; it doesn’t seem right to pick one theme. In keeping with Owen’s spirit, his space will have a little bit of everything. Puppies, trucks, trains, cars, dinosaurs, crayons, baseball, cats, etc.

Right now, Owen’s future room is a blank slate. It’s almost empty with just a couple random pieces of furniture. The walls are covered with an old floral wallpaper. I think the only thing that will remain in the space is the neutral carpet. Otherwise, it will be totally transformed for O!

Here are some initial items that have caught my eye as I begin to put together the design for my little devil’s den.

striped blanketThis striped blanket from Land of Nod is the perfect combination of colors!


blue upholstered chairWhat a cute little chair for a cute little boy. I’ve got to confess that Owen already has it – couldn’t resist!

I don’t know why but I’ve been liking wallpaper lately. I just might have to put some crazy wallpaper on one wall!

Or maybe a more classic wallpaper on all the walls?

vintage superhero wall prints Considering Richard’s love of Superman, it wouldn’t be right to not include superheroes.


america print There should probably be something educational in his room. Why not a map? This one from Land of Nod is colorful.


puppy print above bed
I’m sure you know by now that Owen loves dogs (and all other animals). Hopefully I have some time to make puppy artwork for his walls like these Etsy finds.
puppy wall art


red cubby storage A bright red storage cubby from Target? Yes, please!


romanshadesnavy These Pottery Barn shades are out of my budget, but so simple and perfect.


little red clock And this little red clock from Pottery Barn – how cute!


vintage toy truck Really want to include some vintage toys like this fire truck.


hello pillow This pillow from Land of Nod expresses Owen’s outgoing personality. Gotta have it!


Do you have any suggestions for Owen’s room? How did you decorate your little ones’ rooms after they outgrew their nurseries? Please share!

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  1. another great blog and all the room choices look awesome I know whatever you pick it will be perfect cant wait to see out come and for kopp number 2 to arrive

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