Springing Up: 21 Months Old

Every day the last bits of baby left in Owen disappear. He’s turning into a little boy.

He got his first professional haircut several weeks ago. Without his wispy baby curls, he definitely looks like a boy instead of a baby now. And his tummy is slimming down and his arm and leg rolls are slowly getting smaller. Bye-bye, baby fat.

Owen is very verbal – he’s most definitely not a quiet child. He’s constantly talking. Sometimes, when there’s nothing else to talk about or no one to talk to, he starts reciting every random word he knows in no particular order. He reminds me of a parrot; I say a word and he repeats it. Richard and I can no longer keep track of how many words he knows. He learns new words so fast! Bunny, egg, book, towel, shower, and pillow are just a small sampling of his new vocabulary this month.

Our little guy is getting much better with his spoon and fork skills. I’m no longer allowed to feed him food with a utensil; he refuses to eat unless he’s feeding himself. This can be annoying at times since it’s much messier and takes a lot longer.

Yep, my boy is growing up. He had his very first sleepover without me and Richard, staying the night at his Aunt Emily’s. As expected, he didn’t notice our absence and was a pretty good boy for my sisters and my mom during his stay. It went so well, Richard and I decided to take a trip to Colorado for a few days, leaving Owen behind with Nana.

Being without Owen for 4 days was more traumatic for me than for him. I don’t know if I should be insulted that he didn’t miss me or happy that he’s well adjusted. Before we left, I talked with Owen about our trip to prepare us both:
Me: “I’m going away for a few days, Owen.”
Owen: “Yeah?”
Me: “Are you going to miss me?”
Owen: “Yeah.”
Me: “I’m going to miss you.”
Owen: “Thank you!”
Me: “I love you.”
Owen: “Bless you!”

He has a way with words, doesn’t he?

People always ask what Owen thinks about having a little brother or sister, even though he can’t really comprehend a new baby yet. The only feedback we’ve gotten so far: a friend asked Owen if he’d like to have a brother or sister; Owen promptly yelled “Brother!” Owen does have a bit of an obsession with my tummy. He likes to punch it. I asked him if he was trying to kill his baby sibling and without hesitation he said “YES.” Uh-oh.

Owen developed a full-blown obsession this month. He’s in love with the vacuum cleaner, which he simply calls “Cleaner.” He even kisses it goodnight, saying “Night-night, Cleaner!” Some kids have a security blanket; Owen has a vacuum cleaner. I’m taking this as the first sign that he’s going to grow up to be Danny Tanner.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that his favorite thing this month was the vacuum cleaner. So here’s Owen with his bestie:












Continuing with his checklist this month, Owen had a few new adventures including his first egg hunts and his first sleepover (as I mentioned above).

We took Owen to Ocean City, NJ for The Great Egg Hunt on the beach. The crowds were a little intimidating, but Owen still had fun. Owen also enjoyed a backyard egg hunt with his playgroup buddies. Once he understood the concept, Owen took his egg-collecting task very seriously.




And Owen sure was happy to spend a night without Mommy and Daddy!



Happy Weekend!

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  1. Owen is so awesome! So smart. It’s just a testament to your parenting skills that he could adjust to being without you for a time. It also helps that he has a great Nana and Grampa, and Aunts that love him so much!!

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