The Big Reveal: Emily’s Having a Girl!

We’re not finding out what Baby Kopp #2 is, but luckily I didn’t have to wait to find out what my big sis Emily is having. My sister hosted a small gathering to reveal the gender and we found out she’s having a girl!! We’re very excited that Owen will have another female cousin. And I’m sure Emily will have an amazing wardrobe for her daughter.

Emily’s gender reveal party was super cute! Here’s a look at her pink and blue celebration.

I loved her elephant invites. She asked all of her guests to wear blue or pink to show their guess. From the beginning, I sensed it was a girl (which is strange since I have no instinct or feeling about my own fetus inside me). But even though I knew it would be a girl, I wore blue – my clothing choices are very limited at this stage in my pregnancy and pink was not an option for me; I don’t want to look like adult Chrissy from Now and Then.

A cute banner welcomed us:



We marked our guess on a chalkboard. The overwhelming winner with the votes was a boy. Clearly, most of us were wrong.
Emily’s blue and pink touches were just right – not too much, not too little.

blue and pink donuts



So I bet you’re wondering how Emily and her husband Sean revealed the big news. This part was my idea! Emily made photocopies of the ultrasound picture and attached a pink bow to the photos. Then she put one in an envelope for each of her guests. We all opened the envelopes at the same time and found out Baby Higgins is a SHE. It was a fun moment. Owen didn’t seem to get it, but he still joined in the excitement.
envelope reveal

emily and owen

And here are some photos that I took of Emily and Sean sharing their news:

emily with sign

emily and pink balloons

pink ribbon

Congrats, Emily and Sean!

ice cream sig
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  1. What a beautiful “reveal” party! You girls should be event planners! You’re all so talented and creative!

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