A Purr-fect Invitation for Owen’s Second Birthday Party

Owen’s birthday party is going to be an intimate affair this year. We’re keeping it very small since baby #2 will be about ready to pop. Knowing I was sending out less than a dozen invitations, I took the opportunity to make elaborate invites. I, of course, had to share them with you!

After much debate, we decided on a puppy and kitten theme for Owen’s big-but-small celebration. Throughout the year, Owen has had many obsessions that have come and gone. But his fascination and affection for cats and dogs has never waned (along with his love for the vacuum cleaner). A furry pet theme seemed like the best choice (especially since vacuum cleaners do not translate well to party decorations).

Working with the theme, I put on my creative thinking cap and here are the results…Owen’s puppy-and-kitten-themed invitation!

Note: Our address and contact information are blocked out, so the text might look a bit awkward on the invite.

I put the invitation card in a kraft paper enclosure envelope that I wrapped with a blue paper “collar”. A number 2 tag and a photo of Owen hang from the collar with silver twist tie rings. Since I love a cute envelope liner, the outer envelope has a blue and yellow watercolor striped liner.





I love embellishments, so I glued yellow yarn on the invitation, making a little ball of yarn for the puppy and kitten to play with.


I couldn’t find suitable clip art images of a cat and dog available for purchase, so I decided to make my own for the invitation. I painted a puppy and kitten with watercolor and then scanned and inserted the pictures in the card design. You may recognize the kitten; she was inspired by the famous Golden Books’ “Shy Little Kitten.” As for the dog, I have no idea where the inspiration came from…I think I was channeling a brown version of Walter.


Now it’s time to plan the rest of Owen’s party – only a month away!

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