DIY Candy Corn Baby Headband

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, then you know by now that I’m a candy corn addict. And as soon as those bags of candy corn hit the store shelves in August and my girl Carmendy arrived, I started looking at candy corn baby attire. Candy corn hats, tights, onesies, hair accessories…I want them all. But candy corn season is short. I can’t spend a small fortune on a candy corn wardrobe that’s only going to be worn for about a month. The solution? Make my own candy corn accessory for Carmendy, of course!

After doing some research online, I discovered it’s really very easy to make a DIY headband for a baby. So I came up with a candy corn design and made the cutest shabby chic candy corn bow headband. It’s super simple – no need to sew!

If you’re a fellow candy corn lover and also have a baby, here’s how to make one.

You’ll need:

Elastic (I used 5/8″ wide white elastic)
1  inch felt circles
Fishing line
Small pieces of yellow, white and orange fabric
Hot glue

First, cut the fabric for the bow. I used the following measurements, but you don’t need to be exact. Feel free to make them bigger or smaller, depending on the bow size you want.

Yellow fabric: 4 inches by 5 inches
Orange fabric: 4 inches by 3 1/2 inches
White fabric: 4 inches by 2 inches


Then arrange the fabric pieces with the largest on the bottom (yellow) and the smallest on the top (white). Holding all three pieces together, tightly tie fishing line around the center of the fabric to make a bow.

Next, cut your elastic. I made mine about 14 inches long, but you may need to make yours shorter or longer to fit your baby’s head.
Using a hot glue gun, take both ends of the elastic and glue them to a felt circle. Then glue the bow to the elastic ends on the felt circle. Make sure you’ve glued it so that the felt circle will rest on the child’s head, not the elastic ends.
And that’s it – cute, right? Obviously, you can make a bow headband like this with any fabric colors or patterns. I’ll definitely be making more holiday-themed headbands like this for Carmendy. One DIY headband only costs about 50 cents to make!
Check it out on my mini model. I know she’s going to love candy corn one day just like her mama and big brother.

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  1. Love the headband! I want one. Carmendy seems to like it. I am sure she will have one for all the holidays, the fun of having a little girl to dress up.

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