Carmendy’s Baptism: A Simple and Sweet Celebration

Carmendy’s christening was truly a beautiful ceremony and celebration with our dearest friends and family. Our good little girl behaved her best and barely made a peep throughout the entire mass. She hardly noticed the water being poured over her head.

There was some chaos of course. After all, Owen was present. The little nugget ran up onto the altar at one point, not wanting to be left out. And he wet his pants after mass and had to be changed out of his cute suit (boys…always ruining outfits).

During mass I had to feed hungry Carmendy outside in our car and unfortunately stepped in a giant mass of gum on my way back inside. Gross. Perhaps a sign from God that I shouldn’t wear heels anymore?

But other than these few hiccups, the day was absolutely perfect. Carmendy looked like an angel in her gown, which was my grandfather’s baptismal gown. It was 98 years old and worn by my mother, my uncle, my sisters and myself for our baptisms. I was so happy to carry on this very special tradition (and so relieved that Carmendy fit into it with no problems and didn’t spit up or have a blow out on it…I didn’t want my kid to be the one to ruin our antique family heirloom!).

Here’s a look at Carmendy’s special day. Every time I look at these photos, I remember how blessed we are.


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  1. This is just beautiful! You are such a lovely family! I don’t know Carmendy’s Mom, Louisa, but I know her Gramma and her great Daddy, Richard, so I know her Mommy is great, too! God bless all of you! What a beautiful little girl! And God bless Owen, too!

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