Our Three Month Old Little Turkey

Our little chunkster is three months old! And she has been for nearly two weeks. I’m just finally getting around to posting her monthly update – just in time for Thanksgiving! I am feeling so very thankful for my baby girl (and Owen too), as I write this post.

Carmendy’s demeanor has stayed the same. She’s still a chill baby. Not much ruffles the little turkey’s feathers, which is really a blessing since Owen likes to tug her arms and legs and grab her by the neck to try and pick her up. Carmendy must know that Owen means well, because she never gets upset. Instead she just smiles and giggles as Owen almost pulls her arm out of its socket.

Carmendy did have a few rough days this month. My maternity leave came to an end and I went back to work a couple days a week. Having never been apart for more than an hour or two before, Carmendy did not take our separation very well at first and she struggled to drink from the bottle. She made it clear that she does not like bottles or pacifiers; she likes boob only. Luckily she is learning and adjusting and slowly drinking more and more from the bottle.

In addition to smiling a lot more, Carmendy also giggles and coos now. Her voice is so sweet, which I’m sure all mothers think the same thing about their babies’ “talking.” But Carmendy’s is ridiculously cute – she squeaks! When she giggles, she reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy. They have the same laugh and the same tubby tummies.

She can finally hold her head up steadily. I recently caught her trying to sit up, straining to see the Final Jeopardy question on TV. That’s my girl…already enjoys trivia with Alex Trebek!

Take a look at our growing turkey…she’s developed something of a mohawk over the past month. Adds to her charm!


And here are Carm’s November-themed photos. So cute in her turkey dress!



Every photo shoot results in some bloopers, of course. These images of Carm made me laugh:

Her thighs are not exactly toned.

Is it just me or could Carmendy and the teddy bear be twins?

Some photos are simply not flattering.

Dozing off. Modeling is exhausting, you know.

Squishy baby!

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