Our Holly Jolly 4-Month-Old

Carmendy has been 4 months for over a week now. And Christmas is only 6 days away. How did that happen? Time is speeding by.

We’ve been so busy during the past month – a visit to Lancaster to see her great grandmother, her first ride into Philly on the train, her first tree lighting, her cousin’s baptism. She’s been handling the busy-ness quite well and doesn’t seem to mind being traipsed everywhere.

Carmendy had a couple major milestones this month. First, she moved out of her sleeper cradle and we began the unenjoyable task of sleep training. Some nights are rough, but overall she’s been sleeping pretty soundly in her crib. Occasionally she’s disturbed by her loud older brother. (Thanks, Owen.)

Carmendy also got her first two teeth this past month. Their entrance didn’t seem to bother her too much; they probably bother me more since I’m still breastfeeding and Carmendy sometimes bites. (Thanks, Carmendy.) With the appearance of her teeth, her new favorite pastime is chewing on her hands.

She’s getting more talkative and more mobile. She tries really, really hard to roll over but her arm gets in the way. She loves laying in her activity mat, just looking around and grabbing at the hanging toys. When she’s feeling really happy, she squeaks and squeals. She loves attention; one glance at her and she starts beaming. Too bad she doesn’t get a whole lot of my sole attention…Owen’s usually there, tugging at my sleeve, telling me to put her down and come play with him.

Little Carm is a strong girl. Owen frequently knocks her, accidentally hits her with a toy, drags her across the floor, and rolls on top of her. While I’m scolding Owen and worrying that Carmendy is going to end up brain damaged or lose an eye, she’s smiling and squeaking away. She clearly thinks her big bro is funny.

Anyhoo, I’ve got gifts to wrap so it’s time to wrap this post up. Here’s our merry little girl this month:









And our December-themed photos in front of the giant chalkboard…



And my Christmas gift to you…bloopers!!

Carmendy could not resist chewing on whatever was within her reach this month, making it hard to get a shot without her hands or her number 4 in her mouth. #thestruggleisreal




Her right leg kept drifting upward, like she was doing some strange yoga pose.



Oddly fascinated (and slightly disturbed) by her feet.

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