A Wee Bit Older: Carmendy is 7 Months

Seven months old. How is that possible?? My bambina is growing too fast.

Although I wish I could slow down time, I also love this age. I remember that I really started actually enjoying motherhood at this stage with Owen.  And I feel the same with Carmie – she can sit and play, she is taking “real” naps, and she is easily distracted by the world around her.

Carmendy is a very go-with-the-flow baby. She is a chill chubster; not much is needed to entertain her. She’s happy looking around and blowing raspberries. She sits with our dog Sophie, pulling on her fur while chewing her stuffed rabbit (while Sophie chews her bone – two peas in a pod!). She likes to roll and roll across the floor. She likes bedtime (Thank God one of my children does). Around 7:30pm she starts getting cranky and, as soon as I take her to her nursery, she gets happy. Must take after me, except I start longing for bedtime around 5pm.

She’s not a clingy baby. She doesn’t need constant attention. But when we’re in a strange place with lots of strange people, she likes to keep me in sight or else she freaks out a bit. Owen likes to be her voice: “Carmen-knee needs you. Carmen-knee wants boobie. Carmen-knee wants to go outside. Carmen-knee doesn’t want to go to Target. Carmen-knee doesn’t want to go to bed. Carmen-knee missed you. Carmen-knee wants out.” But Carmendy doesn’t mind using her own voice. She loves to talk (“blah blah blah blah”). She makes some pretty funky noises. Sometimes she sounds like a chirping dolphin. Other times through the baby monitor she sounds like a demon child and I fully expect to find Rosemary’s baby in the crib.

My Carm-bean is pretty strong. She’s not as physically advanced as Owen was at 7 months, but she’s getting there. She definitely has a much greater attention span than O. She stares with such intensity. I find myself wanting to ask her “What are you looking at? Is there something in my teeth??” Unlike Owen, I get the feeling she is listening and absorbing everything I say. Whereas Owen constantly says “Huh?”, Carmendy is saying “Capisce, Mommy, capisce.” (In her thoughts, obviously.) The jumperoo is a great comparison of the two. Owen would jump vigorously in it for 20 minutes, never noticing the toys or lights attached to it; Carmendy, on the other hand, bounces from time to time while intently examining a light up button on the jumperoo for an hour (a button that doesn’t even light up since I haven’t replaced the batteries – who needs sounds and lights anyway?).

I’m pleased to report that Carmendy was finally introduced to solids this month. Her reaction to food? Downright blasé. She squishes pureed squash and Cheerios around in her mouth, her expression varying from disgust to confusion to boredom. It takes her about 5 minutes to consume one single Cheerio. Feeding a baby solids is about as fun as I remember it being with Owen two years ago (i.e. not fun at all).

Check out my chubby Carmie!









In like a lion, out like a lamb…Carmendy posing in her March-themed photos! She mostly wanted to eat the stuffed lion’s fur, so we had to relegate the plush animals to the floor.




Blooper fun! Always the best part. 😉

Carmendy’s best evil look:


Looking at Richard and thinking “WTF?”:


Exactly the same expression as our dog has when she’s caught eating garbage from the trashcan. Uncanny, really:


Grabbing her wooden number 7 for dear life:


ice cream sig
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