Catching Up With Carmendy {15 Months Old}

This update is incredibly late. Carmendy will be 16 months old in one week — yikes! But the past couple of weeks have been difficult, with the loss of our third baby. Although my heart has not yet mended (or maybe it never will?), I won’t let it stop me from going on and sharing my little girl’s adventures.

Carmendy has really come into her own during the past few weeks. She’s fearless, a true daredevil. As she gets older, she’s becoming more and more like her brother — energetic, brave, adventurous, stubborn, spunky. The two of them play together more than ever. They also get into little fights more than ever, since neither one is good at sharing.

But unlike Owen at this age, Carmendy is sweet, snugly, and always hungry. She starts begging for food the moment she hears a snack package open. She learned to say “more” and she doesn’t hold back with letting us know she’s hungry. A good portion of her day is spent standing by the fridge, pointing and saying “more.”

Carmendy is a simple gal. Her favorite activity is aimlessly walking around. Her little feet look so funny scampering about the house. And she looks so happy when she is roaming freely. Usually when she is running around, she’s accompanied by Sophie, her loyal canine companion and accomplice in crime. The pair of them are two peas in a pod. Carmendy plays fetch with Sophie, throwing the tennis ball and laughing. Even though the ball doesn’t go very far, they have a grand time together. Carmendy loves burying her face in Sophie’s fur, tackling her, and smothering her. Sophie doesn’t mind since Carmendy is a constant and reliable source of treats.

Like all toddlers, Carmendy has become infatuated with my iPhone. She thinks Siri is hilarious. Somehow Carmendy managed to breach the 9-digit security code on my phone and delete an app. Only 15 months old and already a hacker.

Carmendy learned to give kisses and hugs this month; it melts my heart. She mastered kisses just before we lost the baby and her sweet smooches have been a great comfort for me. I often wonder who our lost baby would have been. And when I look at Carmendy, I feel like I can see a little bit of Frances. Although I will never get to know our angel girl, I am so glad that I can hold and know our Owen and Carmendy. So each kiss and hug from Carmendy (and Owen too) feels extra special right now.

Here’s Carmendy a few weeks ago, modeling her yellow dress for her 15 month photos:

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

15 months, chronicles of baby's second year

And here she is with her goods from trick or treating on Halloween, her first time collecting candy and her first time getting to eat some of it.


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