Catching Up With Carmendy {16 Months}

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…time for Carmendy’s monthly update! Our little girl is 16 months old.

This one is going to be short, because there isn’t much to report (that I can remember anyway). I mean have 30 days really gone by?? It feels more like 4 and like there should be at least 20 days before Christmas left, amirite?

Carmendy is a typical toddler, with a little extra crazy since she is related to Richard and me. She moves faster than me. She does not cooperate unless she wants to. She has more energy than me (and most humans, I would presume). She does not listen. She likes Christmas tree needles. She does NOT like Santa Claus. Our dog Sophie is becoming her minion. Carmendy’s favorite activities have not changed; she loves to run around aimlessly and she likes to find and consume microscopic crumbs and dirt on the floor. She still gets hangry; it’s really the only time she gets grouchy. Carm does not talk a lot (or maybe she does…it’s hard to listen with Owen’s loud voice constantly chattering). She does do a stellar job of mimicking (when she’s interested). A few days ago I was correcting Sophie; Carmendy watched me intently then started pointing her finger at Sophie and very clearly said “Stop it!” Aaahh, fiddlesticks. Time to start watching my language again.

Well that’s it…until next time, friends. I’ve got wrapping to do! (Oh, who am I kidding? I still have shopping to do.)

Merry Christmas!! Here’s our jolly girl:








Carmendy checked The Big Apple off her to-do list this December! And I admit that I messed up with Carm’s 1-year-old bucket list this month…it was inevitable. I totally forgot her white “check list” top since we had her dressed to see Santa at Macy’s in New York. So I’ve improvised:





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