Catching Up With Carmendy {17 Months}

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure what happened with Carmendy this past month. Because: second child and Christmas. So this post is going to be short and sweet. (My apologies to Carmendy, I promise to pay more attention to your milestones in the future and to finally add a photo of you to the walls of our home in 2016.)

At 17 months, Carmendy is a busy little lady. She quietly gets into trouble, making messes without a sound. Like shredding my magazines or pulling out the outlet covers (so much for child proofing). She has a penchant for destroying home decor, like ripping the felt berries off my decorative holiday pillow (and then trying to eat them).

She also loves instigating Owen into running around and being silly. When Owen starts acting wild and crazy, Carmendy laughs and laughs. She excels at ignoring me. (I know you can hear me, Carm…I see that evil little smirk.) A relative’s observation about Carmendy was on point: “There’s more to you than meets the eye, Carmendy.” She’s quickly overtaking Owen as the “challenging” child in our house — the apprentice has become the master. I’m going to have to keep a careful watch on my quiet girl.

Carmendy’s baby fat is gone. I suppose this actually occurred over time, but I swear it happened over night because one morning a couple weeks ago Carmendy woke up skinny. Her baby fat fell off of her while she was sleeping and now she looks like a girl not a baby. (weeping into my cold coffee)

Carmendy has learned a few more words over the past month, maybe more. Most notably, she has started saying “no.” It’s quite remarkable that it’s taken her this long, considering how often she hears me say it on a daily basis (approximately 8,540 times by noon). She mostly uses “no” to tell me she’s not done eating yet (because if there’s ever a time to say NO it’s when someone is trying to take your food away before you’re finished).

Here’s little Carmendy this month, looking so grown up:







Carmendy continues to check things off her toddler bucket list. This month she went bowling for the first time. Most of this family outing was spent chasing after Carm to keep her off the lanes.

second year to do list

first time bowling

bowling baby

ice cream sig
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