Owen’s Quarterly Update {3 and 1/2}

Another three months have gone by and it’s time for Owen’s update. Where to begin?

Owen does everything with so much GUSTO. It’s exhausting and adorable all at the same time. It’s getting harder and harder to write these posts because Owen generates A LOT of material. He’s endlessly entertaining. Is it odd that I’m already missing these days with him here, keeping me amused? Soon he’ll be in preschool and then these posts will be much shorter. weeping

In the past few months, Owen has developed a dislike for doctors. As he explained “I like Doc McStuffins. But she’s not real. I don’t like real doctors. I only like Doc McStuffins on TV.” When we took Carmendy for her check-up and I had to undress her, Owen got upset and yelled “NOOO! You can’t take off her diaper! The doctor can’t see her poopie butt!! NOOOOO!” [This is what happens when you repeatedly have to tell your child to keep their pants on in public.]

Owen is not a procrastinator. He wants to do everything RIGHT NOW. In fact, he despises “later.” He informs me about this in almost every conversation. For example, during dinner:

Owen: Yum, Owen really likes bread. [Yes, he speaks in third person. It’s like living with a louder version of Elmo.]
Owen: But Owen doesn’t like later. Did you know that, Mommy? Did you? Owen doesn’t like tomorrow either.

In addition to later and tomorrow, he doesn’t like the word “no.” Any time I say it, he replies “Bad Mommy! You know what? I like Daddy better than you.” Yeah, having a 3 year old is SO fun.

Many times Owen sounds like he’s 50 not 3. Whenever I say we’re going somewhere, he gets perturbed and mumbles “Do we have to drive in the van or can we walk? Ugh. Whatever. Whatever it takes I guess.” When I mention money, he scuffs and says “Twenty dollars?! That’s too expensive.” One time at a holiday gathering, I heard him correcting another child, saying “Stop eating all of them!! You can’t do that. You’ll turn into one.” Wonder where he’s heard that before…

Owen’s expressions of love match his exuberance. His hugs are big, his kisses are big, his proclamations of love are big. And he so badly wants affirmation. Every time he accomplishes something, no matter how small, he asks “Are you proud of me, Mommy?” A couple days after I returned from the hospital after the stillbirth of our third baby, Owen wrapped his arms around me and said “I’m SO glad you don’t have to go to the mean hospital today.” There is no greater comfort than his words and hugs. However, I did notice that I was left out of his nighttime prayers:

Me: Who do you want to pray for, Owen?
Owen: Hmmm. Nana. And Grammie. I love Nana and Grammie.
Me: Anyone else?
Owen: Hmmm. The Paw Patrol pups!
Me: Anyone else that you love and want to pray for?
Owen: Wait, yes — MICKEY MOUSE!
Me: Okay, that’s it? No one else?
Owen: Yep, that’s everyone.

I always knew I ranked behind his grandmothers. Now I know I fall behind Mickey Mouse and the Paw Patrol too. Thanks, Owen.

The holidays came and went and Owen enjoyed every second of them. He fully understood the concept of Christmas this year, making it a great age for the magic of Santa Claus. He repeatedly told Santa the one thing he wanted on Christmas morning: a Paw Patroller. When Christmas morning arrived, Richard and I placed the Paw Patroller behind the other gifts, wanting Owen to open his “big” gift last. In the present frenzy, Owen momentarily forgot about the Paw Patroller until we asked “Did you get everything you wanted from Santa?” Owen suddenly realized he did not get the Paw Patroller. His eyes welled up with tears and he said “No, I didn’t get my Paw Patroller. I guess Santa didn’t think I was good enough.” Then his face lit up when we pulled out his final gift.

Owen has developed two new hobbies – doing puzzles and playing with Legos. He’s gotten pretty good at puzzles. I love that they keep him occupied. Sometimes I even manage to drink hot coffee while he’s putting one together. (yes, HOT coffee, people – alleluia!)

The Legos don’t give me as much peace, since Owen prefers to have me join him in the Lego play. And because Owen is fascinated by animals, he only wants to build animals. At first this was easy. I could throw a few blocks together and call it a dog. But then, he started to demand harder and harder animals from me: elephant, whale, tiger, stingray, zebra, moose, okapi. He usually manipulates me into building Lego animals by complimenting me: “You are very good at making Lego animals, Mommy.” Then he traps me with an impossible request: “A tapir is an animal. Can you make a tapir?” WTF is a tapir? Is that even a real animal? (Yes, it is. Thank goodness for Google.)

Owen works hard building (i.e. telling me to build) his Lego creations. So he gets extremely pissed off when Carmendy toddles over and destroys them. One day I overheard his bitter feelings channeled into a song, a version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that he made up:

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, a little baby wrecked everything. And Santa said NO toys for her!

After hearing Owen’s power ballad and seeing his prop – a toy chef’s knife – I decided that maybe I shouldn’t leave Carmendy alone with Owen for a little while.

At 3 and a half, we finally turned Owen’s car seat around. He’s now forward facing! Since he’s gotten car sick on a few long road trips, I figured it might help if he wasn’t rear facing. I was proven wrong because two days after flipping his seat, he vomited all over himself in the van. So he still gets carsick AND I’ve gained a backseat driver (“Mommy, you need to stop NOW. There’s a red sign, stop!!!”).

Owen’s attention span has really increased. He can make it through a whole movie (loves Land Before Time) and listen to a long story. That being said, he’s still not a huge fan of vegging out in front of the TV. He prefers to pull every single toy out, run around and act like a lunatic. He somehow memorizes commercials while shooting past the TV like the Tasmanian devil. Which is why he sings “Nationwide is by your side” every time we pass by Wawa now. Apparently since Nationwide has a bird in their logo and Wawa has a bird in their logo, they are the same thing.

It’s crazy how quickly children learn. Owen notices patterns, observes shapes like hexagons (“Look! It’s a crescent moon, Mommy!”), and recognizes rhyming words.  He’s much more difficult to trick with a glossed over response now; he expects thorough answers.  And now that he’s a big boy he can put on his own shoes, pull up his underwear, and zip and unzip his coat. Every day it feels like he can do something new.

This smart boy likes to share his knowledge:

  • In response to Carmendy’s baby babble: “It’s not ga-ga, Carmendy! It’s Lady Gaga.”
  • “Mommy, did you know princesses have balls?”
  • “Rabbits love carrots. I love Doritos and dip.”
  • “My favorite vegetable is cheese.”

He also likes to share secrets:

“Me and Nana ate candy and then we put the wrappers in the bottom of the trash can, so you wouldn’t know.”

And here’s a little conversation he shared with his aunt recently:

Owen: I want one of those decorated cookies I made.
Aunt Roberta: Are you allowed to have a cookie?
Owen: Yes, because my mommy’s not here.
Aunt Roberta: Yeah, but you have a big mouth and you’ll tell her anyway.
Owen takes cookie from tray
Aunt Roberta: Whoa! That’s a big cookie, you better break it in half.
Owen: But you said I have a big mouth.

Like most three year olds, Owen does not lack confidence or belief in himself.  Case in point:

Me: Why are you so smart?
Owen: Because I know everything.

I was tickling Owen’s belly a couple weeks ago and I said “You have the best tummy, Owen!” He replied “I have the best boobies too” and showed me his nipples. Inhibited, he is not.

I love that he loves himself. Richard told Owen that he’s a human and Owen was infuriated. He insisted “I am NOT a human. I am an Owen.” And that’s exactly what he is; there is no other like my Owen.

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  1. Love your entries. Owen is growing up so quickly. What a wonderful journal for him to read when he’s all grown up.

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