Ice Cream Cone Shooter Valentines

Valentine’s Day is less than one week away. It’s crunch time, cupid mommies. If you haven’t figured out your kid’s valentines for their classmates yet, you better get to it. To help inspire you, I’m sharing Owen and Carmendy’s valentines that they’ll be giving to their friends this year. For Carmendy’s, I made ice cream themed cards paired with silly ice cream cone shooter toys.

Of course, you must have figured out by now that I LOVE ice cream. And it only makes sense to create a valentine with stuff you love. So when I saw ice cream cone shooters online, I had to make valentines with them. If you’re not familiar with ice cream cone shooters, they are foam balls attached to a plastic cone with a long string and when you press a button on the cone, the foam ice cream “scoop” pops out. I remembered when I played with ice cream cone shooters with my sisters when I was little, so they made me feel nostalgic and I also knew children would think they were funny. Being a corny person, I had fun coming up with a couple different phrases for the cards: “Ice Cream My Love For You” and “I’ll Scoop You Up As My Valentine.” I think “Ice Cream My Love For You” is particularly appropriate for loud children, like mine.

Assembling these valentines was easy! I just printed out the cards and cut them out. Then I punched a hole in each one and tied them to an ice cream cone shooter with a piece of yarn. I think they turned out so cute!

You can find the ice cream cone shooters at (Oriental Trading has sales and offers promo codes often, so look out for deals before purchasing.)

You can print the cards that I designed for FREE! Click here to download the free printable for the Ice Cream Valentine Cards.

ice cream cone shooter feature

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them with Carmendy’s toy ice cream scoop, lol.

ice cream shooter valentine card

ice cream cone valentines cards

Ice cream cone scoop valentines

ice cream sig
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