Whoopee Cushion Valentines with Free Printable

I’m back with another non-candy valentine idea! This year Owen is giving his friends whoopee cushion valentines for Valentine’s Day, because nothing says love like laughter and flatulence.

Owen, like all silly little boys, loves a good loud fart and he thinks whoopee cushions are hilarious. So he’s spreading his joy this Valentine’s Day. Sure, his friends’ parents might hate me when their children bring this home (preschoolers and fart noises are not exactly the most welcome sound combination). But even though the whoopee cushion can be more than a little annoying, I do love to hear Owen’s giggles while playing with it (for about 3 minutes…then I take it away for a “nap” so the whoopee cushion can “rest,” as any sane parent would do).

If you have a goofy little one like Owen (or a lot of immature guy friends), bookmark this page and save the idea for next year’s valentines. It’s super easy! Or if you’re a procrastinator like me and you haven’t made or bought valentines for this year yet, you still have time to put these together. You can find whoopee cushions at places like Five Below. Or if you have Amazon Prime, you can order a 24 pack from Amazon like I did and get them in two days. :) Click here to find them on Amazon.

I have seen lots of “Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day!” cards online for whoopee cushion valentines, but I wanted to add some extra to Owen’s cards. At first, I was going to make them say “I Heart to Fart” but decided to go for something less disgusting. So I came up with the line “You’re cute even when you toot!” instead. Funny, right? You can download the free printable here and use them for your own whoopee cushion valentine cards.

After printing and cutting out the cards, I punched holes in each card and attached a whoopee cushion with baker’s twine. Who knew whoopee cushions could make such cute valentines?

Whoopee Cushion Valentines with Free Printable Cards

Whoopee Cushion Valentines with Free Printable Cards

Whoopee Cushion Valentines with Free Printable Cards


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