Making Time To Read With Your Children

Guess what? It’s March, otherwise known as National Reading Month. So my friends at Bookroo are sharing a post today about making the commitment to read with your children. And they’ve got exciting news about their free reading tool and their awesome giveaways this month!

Happy Reading!

My 12-year old brother is a voracious reader. He seems to have read every book in any series, including Jon Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven series. He has now started into Michael Crichton books, particularly the Jurassic Park line. He constantly has his nose in a book and always wants to talk you about what’s happening in the book he’s reading. I’d find it more annoying, except I know how far he has come as a reader in just a few years. So instead of feeling bothered, I try to listen carefully and show sincere interest.

See, back when he was seven, my brother went through quite a reading slump. I specifically remember a time when we were traveling together as a family. This brother was trying to work his way through a certain book. While I can’t remember what book it was, it seems many of us had read it and were familiar with the storyline. So when he announced he had finished it, we naturally started to ask him what he thought of certain parts. “Can you believe that about Severus?” “How did you like the final battle?” “What did you think when Harry died?”

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When he responded with blank stares to most of our questions, we were a little surprised, but quickly realized what had happened. “Did you skip entire chapters?” we asked. Sheepishly, he admitted that he had in fact skipped his way through most of the book.

Now granted, he wasn’t reading anything as engaging as Harry Potter at the time, but it wasn’t just a single instance of a lousy book. He was truly struggling to get into reading.

While a shortcut like using paper plates for ice cream works like a charm, I’m not aware of any short cuts when it comes to reading. I’m convinced that the best way to learn to love reading is to spend more time doing it. Assuming you’re reading something worth reading, I believe the value of reading quickly becomes clear and develops into a lasting, rewarding love.

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That love of reading is especially important to develop in young children. And what better way to nurture it than spending quality time reading with your child? Yet as busy parents, we can struggle to make reading time a priority or a regular part of the routine. That’s why we’re working hard every day at Bookroo to make reading together with children easier for parents. Kids love to receive their beautiful, hand-wrapped Bookroo deliveries and are excited to read their new books. Parents love the convenience and affordable price, as well as the regular reminder to read Bookroo deliveries provide.

If it’s time for you to make a renewed commitment to reading with your child, March is the month to start. March is National Reading Month, and to celebrate reading, we’re introducing a free reading tool that will make reading together even easier. It’s our new Bookroo Reading Log, and it’s available to anyone for free on our site.

Say goodbye to paper reading forms and charts that get crumpled, lost, and ignored. Our new Bookroo Reading Log will make it super simple and fun to track reading progress for any child, from toddler to elementary school or even jr. high.

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Plus, we’re also hosting some awesome giveaways in March. Each day you track your reading in our Bookroo Reading Log, you’ll receive another entry into our grand prize: a fantastic reading nook package from Blue House Joys (a $300 value!). We’ll also be giving away tons of great prizes throughout the month.

So join us in celebrating reading in March. And if you need some help getting into a better routine of reading with your child, sign up for a Bookroo delivery–it’s a great way to help your child learn, as my brother did, that reading is truly a gift.

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