Catching Up With Carmendy {19 Months Old}

Time for a Carmendy update! Only five more and then she’ll be two.

My little lady has been her usual self this past month. She enjoys being on the move (seriously, this girl could spend an hour running around our kitchen table). She really is a funny bunny; I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there’s something silly and amusing about her. She’s going to be great at Easter egg hunts because her favorite thing to do lately is collect sh*t and dump it on my lap.

She has developed a sudden penchant for sucking/chewing her thumb; this seems to be the result of her molars coming in. My initial reaction to the thumb sucking was “No! Stop it!” but then I realized she was quiet and occupied and my feelings about thumb sucking are now “f**k it, whatever.”

Carmendy is mostly sweet with an easy-going disposition, but she shows glimpses of being a bitch. For example, the other day in church she didn’t want to share our crayons and she loudly yelled at Owen, “ALL MINE!!” Fifteen future years of sibling squabbles flashed before my eyes. Fun times ahead.

But when Carmendy wants to be affectionate, it’s glorious. She’s so cuddly and her giggles are the most adorable noise I’ve ever heard. Because of these moments, this little girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger.

I’m hesitant to type this because tonight it’ll probably be a different story, but currently Carmendy is an awesome sleeper. She falls asleep easily and sleeps in late. Knock on wood. Luckily, I have Owen to wake me at the crack of dawn and to endlessly whine about the terrible punishment of going to bed or else I wouldn’t even feel like a parent.

Carmie is looking more and more like a girl, not a baby. Her hair is getting longer and crazier. Her chubby rolls are gone. But she’s still petite for her age, only about 23 pounds. Small but mighty!









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