Catching Up With Carmendy {20 Months Old}

Another month has gone by! Carmendy’s second birthday is quickly approaching.

You guys, I love one-year-olds. It’s the best age, these months before they can speak at an annoying rate and say “MOOOMMMMYYYY” about a million times in an hour. But yet they can understand and interact with you. I feel like everything Carmendy does is adorable right now (except when she poops or screams). But as my second child, I know this stage won’t last long so I’m trying to soak up her cuteness as much as possible.

Carmendy continues to sleep really well (knock on wood). I’m beginning to think she likes being her crib to avoid being near her brother (living with Owen is not easy).

She is speaking more and more, although she doesn’t talk nearly as clearly as Owen did at her age. Most of the time, while only half listening, I think she is just babbling. But she is actually saying words that make logical sense; it just sounds like she has a fistful of marbles in her mouth. At the moment, I’m enjoying her cute toddler pronunciation; it’s a nice change from Owen, who went from saying nothing to speaking like Stewie from Family Guy at age one.

Carmendy may not have the best diction (compared to her elder brother at least), but she excels in other ways. She’s better at using a straw, drinking from a cup, and using utensils than Owen was at 20 months old (by far). She can put on her own shoes and puts the right shoe on the right foot 9 out of 10 times (better stats than Owen at age 3). Despite being trapped in a sleep sack, she somehow manages to remove her pajamas that she’s wearing underneath (future magician?). Her hand-eye coordination is way better than mine; it’s possible that I’ve actually made a child who’s not a klutz. Without any direction, she’ll take out her tea set and set our coffee table, matching the colors for each place setting and arranging everything as it should be. I obviously passed along my organizational skills to her.

I can’t adequately describe how sweet my little girl can be. She squeezes my face with her hands, buries her head in my shoulder, and wraps her arms around me for big hugs. But she doesn’t like to share the love. A few days ago, Owen fell and hurt his knees. As I hugged and comforted him, Carmendy ran over and starting kicking and pushing Owen in a fit of jealousy. She may be small and cute, but she is fierce.

20 Months - Carm 3

20 Months - Carm 4

20 Months - Carm 7

20 Months - Carm 8

20 Months - Carm 10

20 Months - Carm 13

20 Months - Carm 14

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