Catching Up With Carmendy {21 Months Old}

In just a few short months, little Carmendy will be two years old!

Every day she looks less and less like a baby to me. But I love her more and more. She’s just so darn cute, especially since I know what’s to come (age 2 and 3) and she feels so easy to care for right now in comparison.

Carm is both feisty and sweet. She loves to cuddle; with so much attention given to her demanding older brother, she really knows how to soak it in when someone finally pays attention to her. She loves to laugh and be tickled. And her laugh is hysterical, particularly when she’s done something naughty and thinks it’s funny.

My little squirt also loves to run. She’s not at all afraid to go down the tallest slides and the faster I push her on the swings, the more she loves it. Although she whines when Owen gets too rough, she encourages Owen to tumble and tackle with her. She is often the one who triggers Owen’s wild behavior (thanks, Carm).

Everyday she seems to learn a new word or phrase. She continues to resist saying “yes” so every question is answered with an adamant NO. Signs of the terrible two’s are showing, because she’s started stomping her feet and yelling when I don’t give her what she wants. But her angry fits don’t last long and her 3-hour naps easily make up for these brief spells of nastiness.

Carmendy loves shoes (like her mama). She likes taking them off and putting them back on. Every time I get her out of her car seat, I find her with her shoes on but her socks off (she takes her shoes off, removes her socks and then puts her shoes back on…but, hey, if that keeps her entertained during car rides, then she can go right ahead and take off her socks).

Carmendy is a hoarder. She has a hard time letting go of items. If I offer her a cracker, she takes it but immediately whines for the other five crackers. She’s not happy until all six crackers are hoarded in her hands. And she won’t give them up to anyone, except the dog. Sneaking food to our dog brings Carmendy great joy (and great joy to our dog too).

Lately, Carmendy’s hair has been growing very fast. It’s always in her face, so I try to tie it back in a pigtail. But she hates it. As soon as I look away, she rips the hair tie out. Then she looks even more like a hot mess, hair sticking up in every direction.

Luckily, we were able to capture these photos before she ruined her hair. Her smile makes my day!








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