Spooky Spider Halloween Favors

Halloween is less than two weeks away! I can hardly wait. So in anticipation of all the spooky activities coming up, including my family’s annual pumpkin carving gathering, I made cute spider Halloween favors for the children using little candy jars. These favors are creepy, crawly, and filled with sweet treats — a perfect DIY for Halloween!

Spooky Spider Halloween Favors or Treats

It may be a bit early (at least it is for me, the eternal procrastinator) to be preparing treats for Halloween, but since we’ll be welcoming a newborn any day now, I actually crafted in advance for once. As I may have mentioned before, I LOVE Halloween so I’m making sure Baby Kopp does not interfere with my Halloween plans.

I came up with this idea for a favor after buying a bunch of bendable hairy silver and black spider decorations at Walmart for no reason. I think they’re cute (and they were cheap!), but Richard the Arachnophobic disagrees. So maybe I’m weird, but I looked at the little spiders and thought “These would make adorable favors for children!”

Along with small spider decorations, here’s everything you’ll need to make spooky spider Halloween favors:

Step 1

Heat up your hot glue gun! Stretch out a piece of the fake spider webs (you don’t need much – a little bit goes a long way). Lay it over the opening of the jar. Then stuff it into the jar with a small handful of the black crinkle cut filler.

Step 2

Add some candy to the jar on top of the black filler. (I recommend taste testing the candy, just to make sure it’s good.) I used Hershey kisses because my kids love plain chocolate and the silver wrapping matched the spiders.

Step 3

Put the lid on the on the jar. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around the jar.

Step 4

Using the hot glue gun, attach the spider to the top of the jar lid.

And that’s it! These little jars of sweets will look so cute displayed with Halloween decorations at a party.

Spooky Spider Halloween Favors or Treats

Spooky Spider Halloween Favors or Treats

Spooky Spider Halloween Favors or Treats

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