Winnie {Five Months Old}

Once again, I’m really late with Winnie’s update. She’ll be six months old in less than two weeks. But, hey, at least I’m writing about her being five months old while she’s still five months old.

My tardiness this month is Owen’s fault. He brought some horrible Ebola-like virus into our household, which basically ruined two weeks of my life and involved an obscene amount of tissues.

Now that we’re back on the road to good health, I’m trying to catch up. Of course it’s not going well, but I’ve come to accept that I will be perpetually behind and harried for the rest of my days as a parent.

Since I’m still in catch-up-mode and I have a crap-ton of other stuff to do, this monthly Winnie update is going to be short. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly Winnie is HUGE. She was a wee infant, and now she’s a big ole baby. She can nearly sit on her own. She picks up and holds her binky. Best of all, Winnie sleeps in her crib all night long, and seems to enjoy having a bed to stretch out in.

Sometimes Carmendy begs to hold Winnie. (Keep in mind that Carmendy is rather small for her age, and less than 10 pounds heavier than Winnie.) So I give in and gently put Winnie in Carm’s arms. But lately, Carmendy instantly says “She’s too heavy! Take her back!”

She’s strong and tall. Other than the times when she becomes absorbed in staring (there’s a lot of crazy to stare at in our house), Winnie is constantly moving. Kicks, rolls, grabbing, biting, flapping, screeching – she’s a squirmy gal. Now that she’s bigger and wriggly, she’s not so easy to hold.

Both Owen and Carmendy got their first baby teeth super early, before 3 months. Not Winnie. She’s a drooling mess, chewing on anything and everything. But still not a single tooth.

I love Winnie’s voice. It’s hysterical because it’s so deep. She basically sounds like a grown man. Yet, her laugh is just a bunch of high-pitched squeals and screeches. I could listen to her strange bird-like giggles all day.



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