Winnie {7 Months Old}

I can’t believe I just typed “7 MONTHS OLD” for this post’s title. Time keeps going faster and faster. And Winnie seems to be growing faster and faster.

The past few weeks have been big for my Winn bean. She figured out how to crawl shortly after turning six months old. Now she’s moved on to standing (you guys, we already had to lower her crib to the lowest setting!). By far, Winnie is our most athletic baby. This girl loves to move. When she stands, her face becomes pure sunshine and she’s all smiles. If I were a betting person, I would bet she’s walking by 9 months old.

Besides crawling and standing, Winnie had a bunch of other firsts this month. She learned how to clap. Her first tooth made its appearance. She has FINALLY slept through the night multiple times, and I’m beginning to feel more like a human and less like a zombie. Plus, Winnie has started eating solid foods (so far, she’s not a huge fan).

These milestones have been bittersweet. On one hand, I love seeing her zoom around – it really does make her so happy! And I think her new mobility helps her sleep better since she physically exhausts herself. Which is obviously good news for me. BUT, I can’t help but feel like I’m running out of time to soak in her baby-ness. Each milestone is like a little goodbye to Baby Winnie and a step closer to Toddler Winnie. I am not ready for Baby Winnie stage to come to an end. Not. At. All. Especially because she’s such a joy right now.

She only fusses when she’s hungry (but she does get hungry a lot). Sometimes when she’s tired she gets clingy. But overall, she’s very happy, content and pleasant. She’s still obsessed with chewing, so her smiles are often obscured by her hands shoved in her mouth. My girl is becoming attached to her parents, and is starting to develop her stranger danger sense. She is strong, curious, fearless, talkative and determined. Holding out to Winnie has become challenging, and diaper changes are no longer easy. Like most younger children in families, she is unfazed by noise and activity. As a result of being constantly poked and wrestled by her siblings, she barely notices when she falls or bonks her head. Our Winn fits right in with our crazy family.









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