Winnie {8 Months Old}

Wow, I’m actually posting something! It’s been awhile, strangers.

I know I’ve been missing in action the past few months. This is for several reasons, including:

  • Carmendy no longer takes regular naps.
  • School’s out for summer and my kids demand approximately 547 snacks per day.
  • And when I have free time and I’m not feeling like a zombie, I’m forced to pick between spending my energy on my family or my blog. I usually choose my family. For me, the adjustment to having 3 kids has been the hardest. Getting three kids ready for bed with an almost 5-year-old who goes to bed increasingly later and later has all but decimated the hour or two of adult time we used to have before we hit the sack. Getting two kids to nap at the same time was a challenge; getting three to nap at the same time is virtually impossible. The result? I’m literally with my kids every second that I’m awake. And these little sh*ts don’t sit around and quietly play independently. When I say “with me,” I mean “up my ass.” Yes, this is annoying and I complain about it sometimes (okay, maybe all the time). But I honestly want to be with them, to be present and enjoying #momlife. Especially since Winnie is my last little munchkin to enjoy and it’s SUMMERTIME. So, for now, my blog posts will be few and far between. Don’t fret though; even if I’m not posting weekly, I can assure you that my ideas are written in one very very long, growing list and one day I will catch up and get to sharing them with all of you.

Now, to the subject of this post — Winnie.


My Winn Bear has stolen my heart. I love this age of babyhood. I love her little thigh rolls. I love her loud screechy noises. I love how she follows me around, crawling everywhere. I love how she snuggles up in a ball in her crib and takes a long nap (I really love this).

Winns, being the 3rd kid, has learned to go with the flow. She gets dragged around everywhere, out and about during bedtime and naptime and feeding time. Yet she rarely fusses. Of course, she has her cranky, clingy days, and she still wakes up too often overnight. But overall she’s a delight.

Winnie, like Baby Carmendy, loves putting every tiny particle she can find in her mouth. This past month she had her first couple trips to the beach and she relentlessly tried to eat sand the entire time. She loves moving; she’s happiest when she’s standing. She loves watching our dog Sophie. We finally introduced her to solids and she doesn’t seem opposed to food, although most of it ends up in Sophie’s tummy. Winn Bear got her first sunburn, since her mommy is not used to fair complexions and did not adequately slather her in sunscreen. Pale babies are extra work. Good thing she looks adorbs in hats and bonnets.














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