Easy Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Throw a Valentine’s Day Party for kids that will impress everyone! You’ll fall in love with these simple ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with children.

Valentine's Day Party for Kids DIY Ideas XOXO

Putting together something special for holidays like Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be hard. A few easy but awesome ideas can go a long way in creating a celebration to remember.

Personally, I love holidays and having a reason to do something a little extra special with my kiddos. The ultimate goal is for my kids to have fun, but it’s also fun for me to visit the Target dollar zone, get my creative juices flowing, and make some magic happen.

For Valentine’s Day this year, XOXOs were my inspiration (because I think the best part about having little kids is the hugs and kisses). Take a look at our little heart day party below and I’ll share the details of my party decoration ideas.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas XOXO - tabletop

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids!

First, I created a mini tablecloth for my kids play table that tied together the whole look. To make the tablecloth, I simply purchased white fabric and black craft paint from Walmart ($7 total). Then I hand-painted an XOXO design all over the fabric. Don’t be afraid to try this! I have the worst handwriting EVER, but it didn’t matter because I kept the design free and messy-looking.

For the table setting, I used some red bowls and a red cake stand that I already owned. I decided to make the glass milk bottles “fancy,” so I decorated them with washi tape. This is such an easy DIY thing to do! I just wrapped pink and red washi tape around and suddenly the glass milk bottles turned into cups perfect for a Valentine’s Day party for kids.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas XOXO - tablescape

Every celebration needs some hanging or wall decorations, so I used my favorite party decoration — balloons! I blew up two red long twisting balloons and hung them together to form a heart shape. I used strong packing tape to hold them in place on the wall. Next to the heart-shaped balloons, I hung a sign that I made and printed at Staples (large engineering prints are super cheap to print there!). Designing the sign was easy. I just picked a fun font, typed XOXO and played with the font sizes and orientation a bit. Then I picked a page size and left plenty of white space around the XOXO text because I like the way it looks. :)

Valentine's Day Party Ideas XOXO for kids

Finally, to get the party started, I dressed my kids in their best red styles and let them feast on cupcakes and run around from a sugar high. Is there any other way to celebrate a day for love?!

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