Here Comes the Bride

My sister is tying the knot next Saturday.

Only a little more than five weeks after Owen’s birth.

So I had no choice but to try on my bridesmaid dress a couple weeks ago to evaluate the damage and determine what alterations would be needed, if any.

Needless to say, I was very nervous. What if it fit so badly that alterations wouldn’t be able to fix it? What if I was left with nothing to wear for Emily’s big day?? What if I looked like an overstuffed sausage?

Thankfully, I could breathe a huge sigh of relief – it still fit! Although, for the first time in my life, my dress was a little snug in the chest. And I had a bit of cleavage, something I’ve never ever had without the help of a well-padded push up bra.

Now it’s clear sailing until the wedding rehearsal. The dress fits. All the craft projects are done. The bachelorette party has been celebrated. I even have the milk pumped to get hungry Owen through the wedding day.

I’m looking forward to seeing Emily’s wedding vision come to fruition and to seeing all of the details come together. These past few weeks Richard and I have been helping quite a lot with DIY wedding projects. Not that either of us mind – I love a good craft challenge. And I’m the first person to insist that we can make something ourselves rather than buy it. Thus, Richard and I ended up making a wooden sign for Emily’s reception, inspired by ones she saw on Etsy. Feeling especially crafty and bored while Owen was in his just-born-sleepy phase, Richard also used his carpentry skills to make a lovebird topper for the wedding cake. Here’s a look at the results – I’ll be sure to share more pictures of all the wedding details after the big day.

My dad found old pieces of weathered barnwood for this sign. I created letter stencils, which I traced and painted on the wood. I also used the lovebird artwork that I designed for the center of the sign.

Resourceful Richard ate a bunch of Blow Pops so that he could use the sticks for the lovebird cake topper that he cut out of wood and engraved.

And here’s a look at the bachelorette celebration. Warning – parental discretion is advised.

The hilarious cake that my sister Roberta made, inspired by our childhood of playing with Barbie dolls (our Barbie play was never innocent, as you can tell).

Emily with her mini-me cake.

Aerial view of the slutty drunk Barbie cake.

ice cream sig
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  1. haha i literally laughed out loud at this post! and you and Richard are crafting experts! my wedding will be perfect because of you! <3

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