Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party: Roar! Owen Turns Four

You guys, my little man is four! And we celebrated with the coolest modern dinosaur birthday party. I had so much fun planning his ROAR dinosaur party with aqua, navy and coral colors.

This may be my most favorite party I’ve planned yet, mostly because Owen is so passionate about dinosaurs — his excitement provided lots of inspiration! We also kept his dinosaur birthday party super small with only close family, which totally takes off the pressure and makes party planning much easier.

Dinosaur Birthday Party - Roar! Modern Boys Birthday with Aqua, Navy and Coral Colors

I knew Owen’s party would have a dinosaur theme months ago; dinosaurs are his most enduring obsession. And I knew right away that I didn’t want to do the typical dinosaur theme colors – greens and browns. A bright coral dinosaur figure in Owen’s collection was my inspiration for the color palette, and I love how the colors turned out. In addition to dinosaurs, Owen really likes jungle animals. And being a wild and crazy little animal himself, I decided to go with a dinosaur jungle theme, adding tropical jungle leaves to the decorations. I also incorporated “ROAR” wherever possible, because Owen is the loudest child I know.

Since I took about a zillion photos of his party and there’s lots to look at, I better get to the pictures! Here are all the details for you to see. So check out all the photos and let me know what you think of Owen’s dinosaur party!

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

It took forever for me to design this invitation; I had a really tough time figuring out what I wanted to include. There are so many great ideas for a dinosaur birthday party! In the end, I made about 12 different versions and finally picked this one with Owen’s photo “in” one of the balloons.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

I’ve seen the idea of spray painting toy plastic figures, so it was a no-brainer to paint plastic dinosaurs aqua, navy and coral for the party decorations. I also put tiny silver party hats on them, just to make them look extra festive.

I used dinosaur spikes as a motif throughout the decorations, including a paper dinosaur spike tail to display on our mantle. I jazzed up the spike tail with silver dots (envelope seals).

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

roar sign

I created similar favor bags with spikes, “roars,” bite marks, and silver spots.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

The bags were filled with a “dino” snack mix that I made to look like dinosaur eggs and bones.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur party favor bags

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur favor bags bench

If you’ve seen the other parties I’ve planned, you know that I love balloons and hanging decorations. I was sure to include both in this party. We even had the giant round balloons, which I am now obsessed with.

I made hanging paper pterodactyls, one of Owen’s favorite dinosaurs, with bright coral paper. They looked perfect with the giant aqua balloons that I decorated with silver and navy tassels.

The zig zag accordion streamers in the party colors were festive but also brought in the dinosaur “spike” element.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

coral aqua and navy birthday party

balloons and streamers

dino tail decorations

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

I admit that I went a little overboard with the table decorations. But I realized how awesome paper leaves and flowers are and I couldn’t resist making a bunch of jungle leaves with teal and aqua paper. To give it a modern twist, I set the paper jungle leaves on a navy striped table runner.

dinosaur spike party table

Each place setting had aqua plates with dinosaur “bites,” a little ROAR sign, navy napkins, and dinosaur spike party hats that I crafted.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

plate setting with dino hat

place setting with paper leaves

jungle leaves dino party table

silver washi tape cup with silver straw

dinosaur roar plate

I also decorated the aqua paper cups with silver washi tape. And since I’m a sucker for paper straws, I couldn’t resist these silver straws that I found at HomeGoods.

cup and dinosaur

dinosaur and party hat

Spray painted dinosaur figures were scattered among the jungle leaves on the tabletop.

dinosaur jungle party tabletop

cookie plate with jungle leaves

dinosaur party table from above

Inspired by a party backdrop that I saw made out of watercolor squares in a rainbow of colors, I made a jungle watercolor backdrop for the sweet treat table.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur party birthday treats

dinosaur party jungle backdrop

dinosaur party owen

spray painted dinosaurs

I found glass jars at Hobby Lobby on sale and they were perfect for treats. I glued small plastic dinosaurs on each lid and then spray painted them in the party colors. So cute!

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

The cake turned out just the way I wanted it to! The vanilla cake with a chocolate chip cookie dough filling tasted as good as it looked. And the cake decorations were super easy – a spray painted plastic dinosaur, a paper number 4 cake topper, and a dinosaur “spike” trim around the cake plate.


dinosaur birthday cake


dinosaur party treats

four dinosaur cake topper

dinosaur cake candles

In addition to the cake, I also decorated cupcakes with dinosaur “spikes.” The “spikes” were simply square crackers dipped in navy blue candy melts.

dinosaur spike cupcakes

dinosaur cupcakes platter

dinosaur cupcakes display

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur cupcakes

owen and dino cupcake

dinosaur roar banner

dinosaur treat jars

hanging paper pterodactyl

zig zag hanging streamers

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur owen

modern dinosaur party treat table

I loved the t-shirts that I ordered from Etsy for Owen and Carmendy to wear for the dinosaur birthday party. I sewed a spinosaurus fin made from felt on the back of Owen’s t-shirt and stegosaurus spikes on the back of Carmendy’s shirt. Adorable!

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

Happy birthday, Owen!

owen roar smile





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36 Responses to Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party: Roar! Owen Turns Four

  1. I’m preparing things for my little guys Dino birthday bash in about 3 weeks! I love everything you did, it looks awesome and less stressful than a lot of others I’ve seen. Did you use a template for the jungle leaves?

    • Happy Birthday to your little guy! Sorry for the delay in replying…just getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I just cut the jungle leaves out by hand. I taped and stapled sheets of paper together to make larger sheets and then I sketched a leaf and cut it out. But there are patterns and templates on Pinterest that you can find pretty easily. Good luck with the party!

  2. This is amazing! I am so glad I found this as I am planning my son’s 3rd birthday in a cee weeks and this is definitely my inspiration. Do you mind me asking what your menu was? Also, did you find a stencil or something for the bite marks on the plates and candle?

    • Thanks so much! We kept the menu simple – pizza, chips, snacks. I made a chocolate chip cookie dough cake and chocolate cupcakes decorated with “dinosaur spikes.” We also had a dinosaur treat mix (white chocolate covered pretzel pieces and marshmallows to look like dinosaur bones and candy-coated nuts that looked like dinosaur eggs). I didn’t use a stencil; I just cut them out by hand. :)

    • Thank you so much! The invitation can be found in my Etsy shop, although it is a slightly different version. But if you’d like to order the one seen here, just send me a message through Etsy.

  3. Love this…doing something similar in a few weeks…how did you do the R-O-A-R letters? I want to DIY that for myself but need a perfect template. My son is turning 3 but would I would love to do a number as well. I could aways print them and trace but if you have an easier solution, let me know!

    • Thanks so much! I used a Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters from 12×12 card stock. I picked a very bold font and, for the banner, I sized the letters to fit the entire page, so they were as large as possible. Then I cut the bite mark into the letter by hand. Let me know if you need more info or help!

  4. Hello!

    Your amazing decorations have inspired me to do a theme like this for my sons 1st birthday! However, I’m having a hard time finding dinosaur figurines. May I ask where you purchased yours from?

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much! The dinosaur figurines are from Amazon (the small ones) and the larger ones are from Walmart (they were a dollar each, and I’ve also seen similar ones at dollar stores).

  5. […] Take the jungle theme a step further by adding fake plants and other nature-inspired elements into your decor like this Jurassic World-themed party from Catch My Party. Ferns, ivy, and palm leaves are great plant options, while twine and bamboo make great natural additions. Looking for a more modern approach? Check out these paper jungle leaves from Ice Cream Off Paper Plates. […]

  6. This is amazing! How did you create the tassels on the balloons? And where did you purchase these cool large globe balloons? Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Thanks so much! I used Recollections cardstock paper that comes in packs from Michael’s arts and crafts stores.

  7. First off So cute! I love all of it! On your jungle leaves.. how did you do them? Did you use a template or something to go off of? I’m kinda at lost where to start. Haha thanks in advance!

    • Thank you so much! I looked up “paper leaves” on Pinterest, where there are thousands of DIY instructions for them. I checked out a bunch for inspiration and then sort of put them together without following any specific instructions. For most of the leaves, I just cut them out of paper and did some folding and bending; to create larger leaves, I stapled pieces of paper together. I also used hot glue to attach some small leaves to wood sticks.

  8. This is PERFECTION! What vendor did you order the t-shirts from on Etsy? I’m having a hard time finding ones styled like these.

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